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UNI PdR 125 certification (gender equality): why choose to apply for it

Human Resources

Italy & Partners has recently obtained the UNI PdR 125 certification, i.e. the Gender Equality Certification. This certification is now considered the basic tool necessary to promote inclusivity within companies, encouraging the development of an inclusive culture and the growth of equal opportunities without forms of discrimination.

But let’s take a closer look at what the UNI PdR 125 Certification actually consists of, how it is obtained and why every company should commit to applying for it.

What is the UNI PdR 125 (Gender Equality) certification?

The UNI PdR 125 certification is a certification that attests to the recognition and respect of gender equality. Its official establishment dates back to April 29, 2022, the date of the issuance and approval of the official decree deed defining all its specifications.

The regulations related to UNI/PdR 125 therefore represent the national reference standard on the inclusion of women within the world of work. The objective of the Gender Equality certification is in fact precisely to ensure the creation and maintenance of a work environment free of discrimination, not only in terms of contracts and wages, but also even during the very early stages of personnel selection.

Who can apply for UNI PdR 125 certification?

The UNI PdR 125 certification can be requested by any type of company, regardless of its size, organizational shape and reference sector. Italy & Partners is in fact a clear example, as the certification was requested and obtained already during an early state of the company’s history.

To apply for UNI PdR 125, therefore, it is not necessary to comply with specific criteria from the “structural” point of view of the company. What really matters in this path is the desire to reach a high level of maturity in the field of gender equality, investing in the creation of an inclusive culture at the contractual and governance level, as well as in the protection of parenthood and in the reconciliation of the work-life relationship.

How do I obtain UNI PdR 125 certification?

The first step in obtaining the UNI PdR 125 certification relating to Gender Equality is the submission of the application by filling out an initial questionnaire for the collection of preliminary data.

From here, an audit process is then launched that involves the company at 360 degrees. It is therefore verified whether there are documents that protect gender equality in writing, and whether these intentions are actually applied within the work environment.

Only after the end of the audit will the independent auditor appointed by the technical committee be able to issue his or her assessment and issue a final statement. In the event of a positive outcome, the company that has applied for the UNI PdR 125 Certification will then be subjected again after 12 and 24 months to surveillance audits to verify that compliance with the previously certified standards persists.

The UNI/PdR 125 certification will therefore be valid for a total of 3 years, at the end of which a new application process will then have to be undertaken to be obtained again.

Why apply for the Uni PdR 125 Certification?

Applying for the Uni PdR 125 Certification is first and foremost the main way to confirm to the members of the organization and all stakeholders the commitment that they want to continue towards the creation of an inclusive reality, where equal opportunities are protected.

In addition, since one of the objectives of the PNRR is to achieve at least 800 certified companies in Italy by 2026, companies that obtain the Uni PdR 125 certification can access tax incentives and rewards for participation in public tenders.

However, the primary purpose of the Uni PdR 125 Certification remains mainly one: to get involved as a company, stimulating its growth not only in terms of business, but also taking into account “human” factors. In the case of Italy & Partners, the request for the Gender Equality Certification represented first and foremost a challenge, undertaken to enrich the company’s values and to implement training and organizational interventions to promote inclusion.
It is thanks to the path taken to obtain the Uni PdR Certification that Italy & Partners has increased the initiatives aimed at forming a new corporate culture, which passes not only through written documentation, but also through everyday life, for example with the use of non-stereotyped language in internal and external communication and an elimination of all forms of discrimination related to gender, age and every other factor.