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About us

In a country that is lagging behind on the digitalization path, Italy & Partners was born as an innovative start-up to encourage a change of course within different Italian territorial realities, taking into account the specific singularities and needs.

Everything officially started in 2020 from the initiative of 5 young university students, supported by 5 senior professionals. The background is the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent extraordinary provisions activated to create the latest generation infrastructures and services: it is precisely from the idea of investing the resources of European funds in the best possible way that everything began to take shape, especially with the arrival of the first projects with an international scope. 

The management of Italy & Partners

Currently Italy & Partners is led by a single director with senior professionalism and economic-financial skills, as well as by an Executive Director with strong experience in digital innovation projects, both in the public and private sectors. Around them they have thus aggregated collaborators who are experts in different sectors, including:

Innovative procurement
and public-private partnership

Smart city and digital transformation

Platforms and models for environmental sustainability

Research programmes and European funding

Social media and digital marketing

The partnership

The activities of Italy & Partners are also possible thanks to a network of partner companies involved in targeted digitization interventions, with skills related to tourism, culture, mobility, security and other various areas. A model that today proves decisive, especially for the construction of digital ecosystems that implement public-private collaborations.

Gender equality

In addition to its work in the field of digitization, Italy & Partners is committed to enhancing people through a development and management strategy that promotes an inclusive culture, capable of offering equal opportunities. The company’s policy is committed to combating any form of discrimination based on gender, age, and any other factor that could lead an individual to be subject to inequality. Diversity is considered a value that enriches and stimulates the company, which is committed to promoting respect and gender equality not only internally but also with everyone we come into contact with. Not surprisingly, training interventions on inclusion have been implemented, along with other actions that have led to obtaining the Gender Equality Certification – Uni Pdr 125: 2022. To date, the company promotes mutual respect in every relationship and uses non-stereotyped gender language in both internal and external communication.

Quality Policy

The quality of Italy & Partners’ services is an important aspect, occupying a prominent place among the company’s values. For this reason we have implemented a system to constantly monitor key parameters such as the uptading of internal infrastructures and the level of efficiency of efficiency of the services provided.

Within this context, there is also a comparison with our clients to ensure that the level of satisfaction remains consistently high. All of this is done without ever neglecting the importance of internal human resources, whose satisfaction is the foundation for effective management of activities.