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Smart Education & Community Building Services

Smart Education & Community Building services are aimed at companies that want to deepen the dynamics related to digital development to gain greater awareness and decision-making autonomy.

Through the design of training courses it becomes possible to raise awareness among managers, middle managers and employees on the subject, thus increasing the ability to seize new opportunities. At the same time, in addition to Smart Education projects, it is possible to support others for community design, creating unprecedented bridges between local stakeholders and managers expert in urban innovation.  

Go digital at 360°

Choose Smart Education & Community Building services to discover the secrets and dynamics of digital transformation.


Digital transformation training projects

To design and develop workshops and/or master executives aimed at acquiring digital skills, aimed in particular at decision-makers of the PA and local in-house companies.

Community building

To create a network of contacts between Italian cities, also involving international realities, and create new opportunities for meetings between local communities and foreign stakeholders thanks to the involvement of the Urban Innovators Inc team.

Training on the New Procurement Code

To understand the dynamics of the New Procurement Code and organize training courses in this regard. In a nutshell, a Smart Education service designed to clarify the functioning of the various models of public and private partnerships provided for by the legislation and provide support and assistance in real time on each specific case.


Invest in Smart Education 

Don’t miss out on digital opportunities, discover them.

If you want to organize workshops or other training courses aimed at managers to create new digital communities, contact the professionals of Italy & Partners.