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Cybersecurity services

The cybersecurity services developed by Italy & Partners are aimed at private individuals and public administration with the objectives of:

The issue of IT security is in fact becoming increasingly central, especially within the PA, where critical issues can endanger sensitive health and financial data.

That’s why in collaboration with the specialist partner Fragma Security we have developed an offer of cybersecurity services aimed at the PA to solve critical issues with a personalized approach to individual needs.

Increase the level of protection

Start protecting your digital reality with cybersecurity services from Italy & Partners.

Information Security Audit

To verify through phishing tests the correct behaviors of personnel and the resulting security status of a system. Then proposing paths for ISO27001:2022 certification or compliance with the NIS CSF – Cybersecurity Framework.

An additional guarantee for customers in terms of data handling.

Security Awareness

To increase awareness on the topic of cybersecurity through both in-person training projects and courses on online platforms.

This represents a crucial first step in learning proper security practices and recognizing threats, thus reducing the risk posed by risky behaviors.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

To simulate cyber attacks, observe reactions, and discover previously unidentified vulnerabilities that may be lurking within a system.

In essence, it’s a targeted intervention aimed at elevating the level of protection for networks and IT systems.

Make your business even safer

If you want to improve the security of your company or a public body, write to us to evaluate together which is the cybersecurity service that best suits your needs.