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Experiences and projects carried out

A startup, but with experience

Since its inception, Italy & Partners has begun to accumulate important experiences. Let’s retrace them together to follow the most important projects and initiatives launched in recent years.


2020 was the year of the foundation, with the official constitution as an innovative startup pursuant to Law Decree no. 179 of 18 October 2012 on “Further urgent measures for the growth of the country”, converted with amendments by Law no. 22 of 17 December 2012.


In 2021 we mark the milestone of the first signing of an important partnership contract with an Italian SME with the aim of contributing to the digital transformation of the Public Administration through the provision of enabling tools for Smart City and Smart Land strategies. The work therefore involved in-depth research to define the design standards of the prototype of a data platform, aimed at promoting the spread of electric mobility.

Secondly, the Italy & Partners team was then involved in further collateral projects aimed at creating Urban Data Platforms able to contribute to the development of local ecosystems, i.e. open environments consisting of technologies, rules, actors and processes that require a shared way of governing data to facilitate the creation of new services for City Users. This activity has allowed to define a model for the development of data-driven policies, which facilitate decision-making processes, while providing tools for data analysis and comparison to support city management. And not only that: these prototypes have also facilitated the collection and integration of data, providing reliable information and enabling the creation of new public services.


With the arrival of 2022, a new partnership contract is signed with another Italian SME, Invisiblefarm and TSCAI, in order to design and implement together an innovative solution that will give a strong boost to the growth of the Italian territory (and not) in the perspective of Smart City.

The collaboration involves the development of a tool, called CityBadge, which will be able to measure the current state of a territory in the digital transformation process, monitoring its growth over time. Through the detection of 6 macro-indicators (Essentials, Technicals, Organizational, Communication, Economics, Social) we will then be able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a local authority, thus defining a preparatory starting point for setting up an adequate Smart City plan. This model will involve public bodies, stakeholders and citizens in the analysis, underlining the importance and impact that all these actors will play in the city of the future. Through this approach we will be able to support the digital growth of the territories, orienting them in the definition of projects integrated with their needs.


In 2023 Italy & Partners strengthens its team with the inclusion of a senior manager expert in Public Administration, Smart City and Urban Innovation. The partnership with Invisiblefarm for the design of a Data Platform for the network of Experimental Zooprophylactic Institutes is renewed and expanded, followed by the further development and registration of CityBadge in the SIAE Public Software Register.

The expansion and diversification of activities continues with a collaboration with Urban Futures to support market analysis activities, design of solutions and assistance for venture building processes. But also with a contract with Tiscali to support the development of the HighView video analysis platform as part of the CTE projects in Pesaro and Campobasso funded by the MoED.

In addition, 2023 is also the year in which two interesting collaborations are launched with the Municipality of Albisola Superiore (SV) and the Municipality of Flero (BS) to support the design and development of Resilient Energy Communities (CER).

Finally, in terms of community building, a cooperation was activated with FPA for strategic and managerial support in the design, construction and animation of an international community on the themes of smart city and urban innovation.


In 2024, Italy & Partners kicks off with the renewal of the partnership with Urban Futures and Invisible Farm in order to continue their joint work on city digitization.

In addition to the ongoing professional developments, the process to request another UNI certification has officially been put on the agenda: ISO 9001 concerning Quality Management Systems. This is undoubtedly an important challenge, but it will allow Italy & Partners to further distinguish itself for the high level of services offered, reaching even higher standards.

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We are always available to enthusiastically carry forward ideas and innovations designed to improve the integration between digital, the territory and its inhabitants. If you are looking for a partner to make them a reality, contact us and start writing with us a part of this story.