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Services for energy transition

Among the Project Design & Management services, Italy & Partners provides special resources to support energy transition projects, whose main purpose is the transition towards the use of clean energy and renewable sources in favor of the environment. 

To give concrete help to the energy transition, the Italy & Partners team is available to the main players in the PA with paths of: 

All this translates into a Project Design & Management work designed to guide local administrations towards the design and implementation of plans that guarantee current and future generations the opportunity to live in a sustainable reality.

One more step towards the environment

Kick off the energy transition of the territory, also taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the numerous state and European incentives.


CER design and implementation

To start and manage the Resilient Energy Communications, a service aimed at the Local Public Administration to encourage the creation of associations between citizens, companies and other bodies ready to invest in territorial environmental policies useful for social and financial development.

Support for application to national and European calls

To offer support in participating in calls for proposals related to energy and digital transition issued at both national and European levels, with a particular focus on those offering direct funding opportunities.

Choose the path to a sustainable future 

Choose a greener and cleaner tomorrow for your territory. Discover how many opportunities can arise thanks to the launch of a local energy transition path..