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Digital transformation plans

Digital transformation is a process that, thanks to the use of the latest technologies, such as AI and automation systems, revolutionizes the way we relate to the environment. This term is often used in the corporate environment to indicate the transition to new business models. 

In Italy & Partners, however, we want to bring these dynamics also within the Public Administration, thanks to the services aimed at creating Digital Transformation Plans to support the PA.

Taking the needs of the territory as a point of reference, we do not limit ourselves only to proposing the introduction of innovative technologies but we guide local authorities in the development of paths aimed at increasing the quality of services for citizens, improving the efficiency of cities and attracting new investments, including from abroad.

Promote innovation in the territories

Discover the support services for the digital transformation of the PA, created to meet the needs of individual realities with modern and tailor-made solutions.

City Badge

City Badge is a tool designed to offer an assessment service on the level of development of local authorities from a smart city perspective. It is aimed in particular at municipalities that want to promote the growth of communities, allowing to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the territory to lay the foundations for digital transformation.

Digital Territorial Agenda

The Territorial Digital Agenda allows you to make your city smarter by strategically planning the implementation of digital services, monitoring their progress and planning the next interventions based on the evaluation of the results already obtained.

Communication plans

Communication plans allow interaction with citizens and encourage the development of digital skills in all segments of citizenship through channels of various kinds (websites, social networks …), thus conveying the content created in the best possible way.

Start revolutionizing your surroundings

Start from an analysis of your territory to implement a concrete transformation. Contact us to find out all the details of the services aimed at creating Digital Transformation Plans.