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Italy & Partners – let’s design together the smart cities of the future

Italy & Partners is an innovative startup that leads the transformation of territories according to a multidisciplinary, sustainable and participatory approach.
Since 2020 a team composed of young talents and senior leaders has been working on the development of digital ideas and solutions to enable the evolution of current urban centers into “smart cities“, where the use of technology is aimed at improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

All the ways to grow your territory

The goal of Italy & Partners has always been to exploit the potential of digital technology to make Italy a place to live well, attract people and invest. For this reason, our consulting services do not only provide for the design and implementation of assessments, but also the primary identification of the real needs of the communities.

Reducing pollution, optimizing the public transport service, increasing safety levels: these are just some of the objectives that can be achieved through targeted and customizable interventions according to the needs of each individual reality.

Many realities, a single interlocutor

By contacting Italy & Partners you have access to a targeted consulting service in the Smart City field, as well as to a network of startups, international operators and institutional leaders who can be involved in digitization interventions.

Together with them, Italy & Partners addresses public bodies, companies and professionals to design together the integration of new digital ecosystems in today’s societies.

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