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Resilient Energy Community: the case of Albisola Superiore


The Municipality of Albisola Superiore (SV), with the support of Italy&Partners, has started an interesting path to design and build a Resilient Energy Community (CER). But what is it?

CERs (resilient energy communities) are a group of local authorities and private individuals, such as families or businesses, who join together in order to produce renewable energy, then sharing it equitably.

This explains why, especially with the worsening of the climate crisis, the topic is highly topical. However, despite the urgency, we are operating in a context that is still not well defined and not entirely complete in terms of national regulation. What to do then? How to leave without creating incorrect expectations?

To solve these problems, Italy & Partners suggests a path of citizen involvement. The first step is therefore to explain to people what practical behaviors they need to implement to make their own contribution. Only subsequently, after having spread greater awareness on the topic, can we then go on to illustrate the aims and mission of a Resilient Energy Community coordinated by the Municipality.

It is therefore a question of starting a process of acquiring specific knowledge that will allow the community in the near future to make increasingly informed choices that will guide the development of the CER itself in the territory.

The topic of Citizen Engagement, i.e. the involvement of citizens, is in fact very topical. More and more often we see the need to have methods and skills to govern change and keep people involved, understanding their immediate needs but also the desire to play an active role in decisions. Without this approach we will not be able to reap the expected benefits of the ongoing industrial revolution.