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Smart City Expo World Congress 2023: Italy & Partners at the forefront of sustainable urban innovation


During the renowned Smart City Expo World Congress, held in Barcelona from 5 to 7 November 2023, our Executive Director, Raffaele Gareri, spoke in two stimulating sessions on behalf of the national PON Metro program. This extraordinary opportunity is the result of a solid collaboration with FPA and the Agency for Territorial Cohesion, with the aim of supporting metropolitan cities in their internationalization path in the issues of digital transformation.

Particularly relevant was the participation of Raffaele Gareri in the speech on November 7 entitled “New paradigms for Urban Innovation and sustainable growth,” during which on behalf of Italy & Partners the models and aspects emerging from recent experiences of urban innovation were illustrated. Everything was presented with a look into the future, outlining the elements that are expected to characterize the next developments in the field of Smart City and Sustainability.

The second talk on November 8, entitled “Resourceful Governance Advancing City Life,” was an important opportunity to interact with other international realities, sharing the specificities of the Italian experience. This experience was represented by the effort of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and the cities to build a “community of practice“, i.e. a real community made up of people who share the same interest, who constantly interact with each other to improve their knowledge of the topic that brings them together.

The active involvement of the Italy & Partners team in the prestigious context of the Smart City Expo World Congress thus underlines the recognition of our organization as an entity able to put in place knowledge, skills and networks for the benefit of its partners. The event also presented a further testimony of Italy & Partners’ commitment to contributing to urban innovation, without neglecting the more “human” aspect linked to an active involvement of citizens.