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Artificial Intelligence: from ChatGTP to Highview

Emerging Technologies

Thanks to the success of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is now a hot topic even among non-experts. Entrepreneurs, researchers and politicians are rightly debating the risks and benefits of this extraordinary technology. However, although artificial intelligence is perceived in the eyes of many as a very recent innovation, for several years there have been similar systems that have already widely demonstrated their effectiveness in very specific areas.

In the field of Computer Vision, for example, Machine Learning technologies have allowed the creation of platforms with a high degree of automation in the analysis of images coming from connected cameras. We are not talking about facial recognition, limited in our country for privacy reasons, but about a system for monitoring transit, parking and the analysis of the flow of people in city squares or streets.

Precisely in this sense, Italy & Partners is supporting the Tiscali innovation team in the development of a product renamed “HighView“, i.e. a system specifically designed to be used in urban areas, not only in large metropolitan areas but also in small provincial centers . The HighView project would thus be able to completely revolutionize road management, solving common problems such as traffic, as well as safety and accident prevention.